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It Appears That Thong Bikinis Are Trending Mainstream

It Appears That Thong Bikinis Are Trending Mainstream




Everyone this summer was spotted in a thong bikini from A-list celebrities, Bloggers, Models, Fashion designers, and many more. From looking through my Instagram all summer I suspect that almost every category of Insta-famous fashion person wore a thong bikini this summer. 


agua clara leopard thong bikini set



I believe there are a few things that converged together to give us our 2024 version of the thong bikini. I think a majority of influence comes from 80’s inspiration. You have the 80’s high cut bikini trends from that era which goes hand and hand with a thong cut back. When the leg cuts are so high, it will lead to a skimpier coverage for the rear. Other fun 80’s inspirations are also being paired with the thong bikini, such as chain belts, as well as socks with sneakers with your bikini


Sexy Thong Bikini and One Piece Swimsuit



You surely can’t ignore the thong one piece. One piece swimsuits were originally for the more modest of women, but not any more.  The thong swimsuit has taken no prisoners this summer and will continue to trend into next summer. There are many thong options out there such as the classic thong, the Brazilian tanga, and the cheeky bottom that ultimately end up as an impressive wedgie. Is the straight G-string bottom next? We will have to see, but for now, shop these barely there bikinis that are also favored by Instagram’s elite.




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