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Discover What Swimwear Celebrities Love: Top Picks and Styles

Discover What Swimwear Celebrities Love: Top Picks and Styles

Discover What Swimwear Celebrities Love: Top Picks and Styles

When it comes to setting trends and inspiring fashion choices, celebrities are at the forefront, especially in swimwear. Their picks can instantly turn a specific design or brand into a must-have item of the season. From glamorous one-pieces to vibrant bikinis, let's dive into the world of celebrity swimwear favorites and uncover the styles that are making waves this year.

Celebrity Swimwear Trends

High-Waisted Bikinis

High-waisted bikinis are a recurring favorite, celebrated for their flattering fit and retro appeal. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid have been spotted rocking these styles, often pairing them with bold prints or classic solids. These bikinis not only offer great style but also comfort, making them perfect for anyone looking to blend vintage vibes with contemporary chic.


Cut-Out One-Pieces

The cut-out one-piece swimsuit has made a significant comeback, with stars like Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez showcasing these daring designs. Cut-outs can vary from subtle side slashes to intricate patterns, offering a glamorous look that doesn't compromise on sophistication. These suits are perfect for those who want to make a statement without revealing too much.


Thong Swimwear

Thong swimwear has emerged as a bold trend among celebrities seeking to make a fashion statement with minimal coverage. Celebrated for its daring appeal, this style has been favored by trendsetters like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, who are not afraid to push the boundaries of beachwear fashion. Thong bikinis and one-pieces highlight a confident approach to swimwear that celebrates body positivity.

Sustainable Swimwear

With an increasing focus on environmental responsibility, sustainable swimwear has seen a rise in popularity. Celebrities such as Emma Watson and Shailene Woodley have endorsed brands that use eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes. This trend not only promotes a healthier planet but also supports innovative brands that are redefining fashion norms.

Sporty Chic

Athleisure has permeated swimwear with sporty chic styles being chosen by athletes and celebrities alike, such as Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding. These pieces combine functionality with fashion, featuring secure fits and breathable fabrics, ideal for active beachgoers. Whether it’s for a beach volleyball game or a casual swim, these swimwear options offer both performance and style.

Top Celebrity-Approved Swimwear Brands

Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beach Bunny Swimwear is renowned for its bold, sexy designs that are perfect for those looking to make a statement at the beach. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Heidi Montag, and Addison Rae, among others, have embraced this brand for its standout beachwear that combines luxury with eye-catching appeal.

Berry Beachy Swimwear

Berry Beachy Swimwear offers a range of colorful and playful designs that capture a fun, youthful vibe. Celebrities who enjoy vibrant patterns and comfortable fits often choose this brand for their sunny outings.

Liliana Montoya Swimwear

Liliana Montoya Swimwear is known for its distinctive prints and intricate embellishments. Celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Kathryn Dennis, and Maluma’s aunt, Yudy Arias, among many others, have worn the brand, showcasing its appeal to a wide range of personalities looking for swimwear that stands out with unique, artistic detailing.

Nikoza Swimwear


Nikoza Swimwear specializes in elegant and sophisticated pieces that blend classic styles with modern trends. This brand is popular among celebrities who prefer a refined and chic look while lounging poolside or on a beach.


Celebrity swimwear choices inspire and influence the trends that dominate each season. From sustainable options to sporty chic designs, and the bold statement of thong bikinis, the diversity in swimwear styles reflects a broader spectrum of personal tastes and priorities. By choosing a celebrity-approved style, you not only stay on trend but also embrace a piece of Hollywood glamour. Whether you're preparing for a summer getaway or just planning a day by the water, these celebrity-endorsed swimwear styles ensure that you look fashionable while enjoying the sun and sand.

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