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Jolidon Swimwear

Jolidon Clandestine Swimwear has over 25 years of experience in the swimwear world designing and manufacturing the most amazing swimwear pieces. Jolidon's products are artfully designed and made in Europe with the finest materials. They blend the European tradition in manufacturing, attention to detail, handmade work and luxurious fabrics & accessories from the most prestigious suppliers in the industry (mostly located in Italy, France, Austria, and Switzerland). You will fall in love with the design and quality of the Jolidon brand. Happy shopping!!

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  1. Jolidon Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Swimwear Jolidon Clandestine Chrissy Teal Blue Strappy High Neck Top & Scrunch Rear Bottom Swimwear Swimsuit Bikini
  2. Jolidon Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Swimwear Medium / Black Black w/ White Trim Underwire Top & Cheeky Rear Bottom Swimsuit Black White Underwire Top Cheeky Bikini Swimwear Swimsuit Jolidon 2562


  • "I called Randy to ask about the possibility of a fast shipment of a gorgeous Mapale two-piece bathing suit in two days. He was very helpful, outlined all the options. And the suit came this morning as promised with many hours to spare for me to gift-wrap it and relax about it. Why stress when you can have really competent, really friendly people making good decisions and taking solid actions to make your life easier?"

    Jock D.

  • "I wasn't sure what size bikini to order my girlfriend, so I called SoHot and they were very nice and helpful. I was able to determine the right size and it arrived very fast and was nice quality."

    Ron W.

  • "Absolutely LOVED my stuff! Omg! So beautiful and the quality was amazing! Wow...! I love it. This will be my place to go!"

    Tiffani F.